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Blueberry Sweet Mint Garbanzo Bean Cake

Today I decided to give a old recipe a new taste. I’ve been making my own variation of I Breathe I’m Hungry’s  Apple and Garbanzo Cake for quite sometime. Folks love this cake. Many of them are surprised to find out that the cake contains no flour. And, then, they can’t believe that garbanzo beans are… Continue reading Blueberry Sweet Mint Garbanzo Bean Cake

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Homey Goodness Remade: Cuban-Style Picadillo

I wanted to make something different today. As I went though my recipes, I came across a recipe from a coworker, Sofia. I worked with Sofia many years ago. She used to make Picadillo when she was missing home. This is her recipe remade vegan. It was already gluten-free. For those of you that don’t… Continue reading Homey Goodness Remade: Cuban-Style Picadillo

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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mom’s Apple Cake

Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s out there…mom’s of human children, mom’s of winged children, mom’s of furry children, mom’s of leathery skinned children…I think you get where I’m going. I’m celebrating the day by baking Mom’s Apple Cake and then sitting on our front patio under our tree with all my favorites. Hope you are… Continue reading Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mom’s Apple Cake