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Homey Goodness Remade: Shepard’s Pie

This recipe belongs to Orla. She will tell you this is her family’s recipe for traditional Irish Shepard’s Pie. She always makes that distinction. Her recipe calls for one pound of ground lamb and one pound of ground beef. I used Beyond Meat’s Beefy Crumbles. Her recipe also calls for white potatoes and I used sweet… Continue reading Homey Goodness Remade: Shepard’s Pie

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Homey Goodness Remade: Cuban-Style Picadillo

I wanted to make something different today. As I went though my recipes, I came across a recipe from a coworker, Sofia. I worked with Sofia many years ago. She used to make Picadillo when she was missing home. This is her recipe remade vegan. It was already gluten-free. For those of you that don’t… Continue reading Homey Goodness Remade: Cuban-Style Picadillo

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Giving Thanks with Butternut Squash Red Lentil Soup

We made it though the remnants of Matthew virtually unscathed – just a few tree limbs down while others had entire trees downed or worse. So, we give thanks today by making a very Autumn recipe – Butternut Squash Red Lentil Soup. Ingredients: 1 large butternut squash peeled and chopped into pieces 16 ounces of… Continue reading Giving Thanks with Butternut Squash Red Lentil Soup

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What do you get when…

What do you get when you mix eggplant, marinated sun dried tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, chick peas and cauliflower? Absolute deliciousness, that’s what! Yesterday, I picked three eggplants from our garden along with an abundance of peppers. I wanted to use them in something summery and light. I had a cauliflower in the fridge along with… Continue reading What do you get when…

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TEST: Spicy Chickpea Veggie Burgers

Happy Independence Day! Yep, that’s right Independence Day, not Happy 4th of July. Let’s call this holiday what it represents with it’s  Declaration of Independence. This day means so much to me, obviously, just look at the name of my blog. On this day thirteen little colonies joined together to create a new nation – The United… Continue reading TEST: Spicy Chickpea Veggie Burgers

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Clear Out the Pantry and Refrigerator Curry

I just love lentils! They are nutritious and delicious. This little legume is packed with protein, fiber, folic acid, essential amino acids, antioxidants, and the list goes on. Oh, yeah, and did I mention they’re cheap? Stock them in your pantry. Unlike other dried beans, lentils do not require presoaking. Plus, lentils are great little… Continue reading Clear Out the Pantry and Refrigerator Curry

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TEST: Veggie & Tempeh Sloppy Joes

Last week, I wrote about my go to meal, Red Lentil Cauliflower Curry. This week I bring you Mom’s go to meal: Sloppy Joes. Mom worked a part-time job, took care of all the errands, the home, and chauffeured us kids around. She almost always cooked dinner for us because she didn’t believe fast food was… Continue reading TEST: Veggie & Tempeh Sloppy Joes

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Healthy Goodness: Red Lentil Cauliflower Curry

I absolutely love this recipe for Red Lentil Cauliflower Curry. It’s full of fantastic flavor. It’s easy to put together. It cooks in a slow cooker. It makes the house smell really homey. And, as an added bonus, it’s healthy. I hope you like cauliflower, it’s the base of this recipe. I’ve been making this… Continue reading Healthy Goodness: Red Lentil Cauliflower Curry