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Looking for Some Healthy, Homey, Goodness

No test today. Just me looking to stay healthy while trying to experience some of that yummy, homey goodness.

Most days, I try to eat healthy but recently I’ve been extremely vigilant because in April I will be attending my high school reunion. I’m not telling what year, so don’t even try. But, just know, that it’s in the double digits.

After a forage in the pantry, I decide to make something with fresh ginger, sweet potatoes and apples. The apples are a bit worse for wear, but they will do. I scrub the sweet potatoes, wash the apples and chop both into cubes. And yes, I left the skin on – why would you peel it off? Horrors! I diced the ginger, added some cinnamon – how much? I can only guess a tablespoon (I like it flavorful). Next two shakes of nutmeg, a squirt of agave and a tablespoon of Earth Balance. Then in the oven for 40 minutes on 400.

Aaaaaaaah, and now, on this cold Saturday, the house smells like a home…baking apples, sweet potatoes, and the warming aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh ginger.

Here’s the finished product:

IMG_1523 (1)

And it tastes as good as it looks. The fresh ginger gives it an additional kick – truly warming on a day like today.

Signing off for now. Please remember to send me a “sweet” recipe for testing.


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