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“Beef” Stew for Sunday Dinner, WHAT?!

Yes, that’s right “beef” stew for Sunday dinner. Not so unusual you say. But if you’re from my neck of the woods, Sunday dinner was pasta and gravy. And not just any gravy, but the kind that was slow simmered for hours until it was just right. And all that deliciousness was served up at… Continue reading “Beef” Stew for Sunday Dinner, WHAT?!

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Looking for Some Healthy, Homey, Goodness

No test today. Just me looking to stay healthy while trying to experience some of that yummy, homey goodness. Most days, I try to eat healthy but recently I’ve been extremely vigilant because in April I will┬ábe attending my high school reunion. I’m not telling what year, so don’t even try. But, just know, that… Continue reading Looking for Some Healthy, Homey, Goodness